Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Well it has been awhile . .. . .

It has been quite a while since we lasted posted here so we thought we would give a brief update on what SHED has been doing.  SHED's last show was back in October at The Melody Inn with local sensations Echo Foundry and Gasoline Chaser.  All three bands delivered stellar performances and SHED looks forward to playing with both bands again as soon as the new album is finished . .. ... wait - NEW ALBUM!?

That's right.  SHED is working on finishing up a new album.  So far most of the guitar tracks are done along with vocals.  Drums and bass still need to be laid down for the songs with finished guitar tracks and the arrangement for a final track is still being laid out. This new album is an interesting cross-representation of the band's various influences and styles while managing to meld them into the SHED sound. 

Tune in on SHED's Facebook page on Wednesday evenings to catch live recording sessions.  Bobby Ingals frequently interacts with viewers and responds to comments so drop by and give the band a shout.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Cheers Pub Recap

March 29th SHED traveled up to South Bend to play with Magic Hat and Elsie Binx at Cheers Pub.  The band had a great time there and all the bands put on stellar sets.  Cheers Pub has a great stage along with both an excellent sound system and amazing sound engineers. 

Magic Hat just absolutely tore the stage up with a relentless set of originals.  SHED is currently working on putting together another show with them soon.  In the meantime check them out at their Face Book Page.

Magic Hat was followed by Elsie Binx with their own brand of new pop/rock in a powerful performance of material from both of their albums.  Currently Elsie Binx has been out on tour since their show at Cheers Pub but will resume shows in the Midwest at the end of April.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Cheers Pub in South Bend, Indiana

The guys in Calloused invited SHED up to play a gig in South Bend, Indiana, and SHED has accepted the gig. The band is excited about playing a new venue and is always excited to play with new bands. 

The show will take place on Friday, March 29th in South Bend, Indiana.  Doors open at 8 pm and Calloused takes the stage at 9 pm.  SHED is scheduled to hit the stage at 9 pm. Sharing the bill in addition to Calloused and SHED are Magic Hat based in South Bend, Indiana, and headlining the show is Elsie Binx out of Detroit, Michigan. 

SHED is looking to add some fresh new tunes to the set-list for this show.  Look to see Jack the Ripper and Tunnel Vision as well possibly a few others.  Mark your calendars and get your friends together for an evening of excellent rock.  Check out the bands online and make sure you get there in time to catch all four bands live.  Hang out before and after the sets, meet the bands, and enjoy a few drinks.


For directions to Cheers Pub click on this link here.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

More Writing

As previously mentioned the recording for the Summer Flannel album is complete.  While Kelley Bridgewater is still putting the finishing on the tracks Bobby Ingals and David Jones are already throwing riffs back and forth for the next album and writing the rough framework for songs. 

There seems to be no end to the ideas being generated and the next album promises to be a challenge not in terms of coming up with material and tracks to put on the album, but rather, a challenge in terms of selecting which material makes it on the to the album.  At the current pace SHED may release a full LP of material or maybe even two separate albums. 

The band is kicking around a couple of exciting ideas regarding their approach to the upcoming album.  SHED fans can expect something entirely different from what other bands have been doing on albums.  Watch for more hints in future posts. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

In Between Shows - Gonna Roll 'dem Bones

Fresh off their last show at the State Street Pub with Second Season and Calloused SHED has kept the pace and is still cranking on all fronts.  Kelley Bridgewater is still working his magic mixing tracks for the Summer Flannel album, Bobby Ingals and David Jones are throwing new tracks and riffs back and forth, and the guys in Calloused reached out to invite SHED up to South Bend to play a show up there.  SHED has accepted the invitation to come up north to rock with Calloused and will reciprocate by having Calloused down to Indy to play a show down here.  SHED hopes this will become a regular practice with Calloused as the two bands really hit it off.

On that note Calloused put on an amazing set at the State Street Pub.  When Calloused makes a return to Indianapolis to play with SHED make sure you mark it on your calendars. 

With Kelley mixing tracks like a madman SHED is also looking to their next as of yet unnamed album.  Bobby already has several first run tracks written and there is an immense catalogue of riffs and random material to draw inspiration from.  Things are moving quickly and the band will have little time to breathe between albums or shows.  SHED has hit a stride with band chemistry and it shows in the amount of material they are churning out.  Stay tuned for more incredible performances and new material.


Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Recording Wrap Up

The recording for Summer Flannel album wrapped on Friday just in time for the band to turn around a play a gig at the State Street Pub.  On the album and being mixed are:



    Empty Handed
    The Face you Wear
    Flush It
    Get it Right
    What Keeps you up at Night


Now that the bass lines are done the band will set their sights on determining what new material will be recorded on the next album.  Even though they have not come up with a name yet for the album after Summer Flannel  (Hey here's your chance to submit your suggestion for the album name!) the band is eager to get the recording process going again.  If your submission is chosen by the band you will receive a free autographed copy of the album, a SHED shirt, and four free tickets to a SHED show of your choosing.

Along with recording and writing the band is still adding material to the set list from their extensive catalogue of tracks assembled over the years.  Being back on a consistent rehearsal schedule should allow the band to add two to three new tracks to the set list each week.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Summer Flannel Recording Sessions

As mentioned in a previous post all that remains to be done for the Summer Flannel album is to record the bass lines and do the final mixing and mastering.  Various events have conspired from illnesses (remember that nasty virus making the rounds about a month ago?) to scheduling conflicts to slow down the process.  After what has seemed like an interminable eternity Kelley Bridgewater and David Jones have finally managed to carve out some time to get the bass lines recorded.

On the trip to Kelley's heavy fog began to roll in setting a surreal back drop for the evening's recording session.  It seemed fitting that the final bass tracks for Summer Flannel would emerge from the fog to take shape on a Wednesday evening.

Kelley and David had decided ahead of time to record three separate simultaneous signals in order to give themselves abroad range of choices to select from when mixing and mastering.  As is standard practice they took a raw bass signal but also used David's MXR M87 Bass Compressor for track one.  The second track was a full wet signal from the pedal board running into a Bugera Veyron BV1001M where the bass head's DI was utilized in the pre as opposed to the post position.  The last track was the full pedal board into the Bugera Veyron connected to a Mesa/Boogie Subway 112 mic'd in an isolation booth.